Innovative Materials is an digital, independent magazine for civil engineering, construction (buildings, infrastructure and industrial) and industrial design. It provides information on material innovations, or innovative use of materials. The idea is that the ever increasing demands lead to a constant search for better and safer products as well as material and energy savings. Enabling these innovations is crucial, not only to be competitive but also to meet the challenges of enhancing and protecting the environment, like durability, C2C and carbon footprint. By opting for smart, sustainable and innovative materials constructors, engineers and designers obtain more opportunities to distinguish themselves.
As a platform Innovative Materials wants to help to achieve this by connecting supply and demand.
Innovative Materials has entered partnerships with several intermediate organisations and universities, all active in the field of material innovation.
(Innovative Materials is the international version of the Dutch magazine Innovatieve Materialen)

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Innovative Materials is published six times a year.

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