Bricks of circular design


Making bricks from discarded bricks, old washbasins, tiles and discarded ceramic products, even glass. StonyCycling is specialized in producing sustainable building materials from waste. Now, these materials are used by innovative architects, construction companies and real estate developers around the world. One of these products is WasteBasedBricks, building stones made from various types of waste, and combined in different ways to create new colours, textures, shapes and sizes. All the products meet today's industry requirements and can be used for both the interior and exterior of buildings.

StoneCycling was officially founded in 2013, based in Amsterdam and with a R&D facility in Venlo. Since then, much has been investigated, tested and baked. This resulted in an range of circular, sustainable building products, like WasteBasedBricks, so-called bricks of ‘circular design’.
The process to produce these materials starts with the selection of a number of waste streams. This might be a raw material, still to be ground, but also existing granulates, like dust from the brick industry. Once the selection has been made, the mixture goes to the lab, ‘the kitchen’, where the final recipes are composed and tested. Testing of the prototypes is done by baking a test stone via a trial and error procedure in combination with chemical analyzes.
The StoneCycling process runs at an operating temperature that is 200 to 300 °C lower in comparison with normal brick production. As a result, CO2 emissions are lower too. WasteBasedBricks are taylor made and have imaginative type names such as caramel, salami, nougat, truffle and mushroom.

The Waste BasedBricks has been tested by the Technical Center for the Ceramic Industry (TCKI) in Velp. According to StoneCycling, this research has confirmed that the WasteBasedBricks can be used as fully-fledged bricks. The compressive strength is even higher than with the average conventional stones and that also applies to the insulation value.


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